Epic Faith is on a mission to provoke, motivate, and inspire talented but overlooked people to turn their missional dreams into reality.



Epic Faith works with a wide variety of people and organizations doing all kinds of kingdom work. More than a coaching ministry, we are a hub for established and in-development microchurches.

What is a Microchurch?

This term means that we emphasize people, not buildings, budgets, or even leaders. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish a part of God’s mission, they are the church. If you have a desire to do missionary work where you live or work, we can help.








Equipping people to think and act like missionaries – not people who attend church.

We can immerse ourselves in the culture that exists right in our backyards, just like global missionaries immerse themselves in a foreign culture — listening, learning, and responding to the needs around us. All it takes is a group of friends who love the lost and are committed to living in proximity, to understand and meet cultural needs.



Building and using our schedules, resources, and decisions to reach people who are in relationship together.

Church is supposed to be relational…really relational. You do not “go” to a family; you are a family. Healthy families do gather frequently, but the gathering itself is not what defines them. Church should not be defined by meetings, but relationships.


Community Transformation

Committing to a specific area of the community that will be changed because of our relationships.

Jesus moved into the neighborhoods, though people said nothing good could come of it. But, true transformation happens when you move towards people. When the early Church got together, they used their gatherings to discuss the social and political challenges facing the community, and how to transform that community with these challenges in mind.



Reproducing our impact consistently and naturally.

Multiplication is more effective than addition, but only with simplicity. Simple is reproducible, complex is not. If we are going to make disciples, it needs to be simple and understandable, in such a way that “anyone” could do it.



Keeping the spirit of the Lord, like Moses did in Deuteronomy 34:7.

In the Bible, the Lord is always looking ahead, using us, and asking us not to settle in complacency. Paul encourages us to press forward, allowing the past to be our teacher without living in the past. This attitude allows us to be nimble — to pivot and flow as our mission requires. We are stable, but adaptable and always changing.




Jack Wolfe is an experienced missional architect and Apostolic coach on a mission to provoke, motivate, and inspire people to turn their dreams into reality.

Aside from Epic Faith, Jack regularly applies his coaching skills in his role as the Southeast Regional Director on the North America Advancement team for Communitas, a forward-thinking church-planting organization. He is also Director of Forge Atlanta, a local hub for Forge America, which specializes in missional living.



Jack is an active community leader, serving on the Downtown Development Association (DDA) for Sugar Hill, Ga., and formerly serving on the DDA for Duluth, Ga.

Jack’s expertise in coaching has been made richer and more practical by his own 30-year ministry background and unique life story – all of which have shaped his missional ideas, entrepreneurial mindset, and interactive, non-directive approach.

In 1987, he started a church, growing it to nearly 1,000 weekly attendees with 12 full-time staff and two church plants. In 2005, he and his team transitioned the church to an integrated, missional model of ministry known as the Epic Family Life Center. In addition, Jack served as President of Calvary Ministries International, a network of churches, leaders, and missionaries, for many years.


Jack and Stephanie have been married since 1974. They have two sons and three grandkids. Jack loves to run, read, and cook.


Jack has spent most of his career building things that he is passionate about, and leading others to join him in his endeavors. Now, he is excited to walk alongside others as they build out their own dreams, providing insight and encouragement along the way.




One of the most appreciated aspects of working with Jack is hearing his story. He’s been through huge transitions in ministry. It’s been a massive encouragement to know that he’s gone before us in some of this. He is very much a pioneer. That’s been such a comfort to us. He’s walked through some of our ‘unknowns.
— Kathryn



The word “Epic” implies a massive story.


Epic Faith believes that we each play an instrumental part in bringing God’s epic story to life. Our ministry seeks to help God’s people understand their role in this story — so that they can live on purpose and get things done…advancing the Kingdom as a result.